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Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

All dogs can be escape artists, but smaller dogs seem to be the type that truly embrace the title. When my dog Gypsy was alive, she was an expert at escaping. I had a six-foot wooden privacy fence when she was about two and she’d find a way out of that thing!  Eventually I found a way to keep her in the fence, but I never thought of this idea!

According to PetHelpful, Scouty Lou, a Mini-Dachshund on TikTok as @scouty_lou_themini is a master at escaping. He was out in his yard, readying to execute the plan, but his parents foiled his attempt! The video of Scouty Lou trying to escape has over six million views so far on the social media platform.

Here’s how it went: the mini was in his yard with his doggie sibling. He went for the fence but realized he couldn’t get through. His parents attached a wooden spoon to his harness, preventing his escape. This dog’s face when he realizes he can’t escape is hilarious!

A heads up, there’s some NSFW language in the video so if you watch it at work, keep the volume low. I love this video! You can see the wheels turning in this dog’s head and I’m sure if he could talk, he’d be spitting out swear words. LOL! Scouty Lou is a cutie and there’s no way you could stay mad at this little guy.  And you gotta love the little guy’s spunk!