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Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Baskin-Robbins

All the way into my 40′, I loved summer! It was never too hot for me. I’d workout in the heat and spend hours by the pool. Now, summer is about staying cool. For those of you ladies over 50, you know that menopause is no joke. Those hot flashes will keep you outta the sun! Ice cream is a great way to stay cool and Baskin Robbins’ has a new flavor that screams summer.

According to Mashed, Baskin Robbins’ marries two classic summer staples, grilling and peaches, in their new summer flavor. The all-new Grilled Peaches ‘n Cream flavor features classic vanilla flavored ice cream paired with grilled flavored peaches and a tasty cinnamon sugar swirl. Just typing that made my mouth water! The flavor was introduced overseas in 2021 and people loved it so it’s finally debuting here in the U.S.

And that’s not the only grill-related new menu item. Baskin Robbins Grillmaster Cake mimics the look of an actual charcoal grill. It comes with images of still cooking burgers and hot dogs made of buttercream on a grate over frosting flames and chopped Oreo “briquettes”.  If you’re having a birthday party or just a cookout, this is the perfect cake!

Both desserts accompany a returning favorite, The Cold One Cake. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a chocolate roll and ice cream cake made to look like a giant beer stein. All three are available starting June 1.

I definitely wanna ty the Grilled Peaches ‘n Cream. That in a chocolate waffle cone, as seen below, looks amazing! Looks like my beach body shape will be round this summer. LOL!