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No. Nope. Heck no. That’s my take on this new nail polish. According to Delish, Velveeta now has a cheese-scented nail polish and my first question is WHY?!

Velveeta has collaborated with the British beauty company Nail.INC to create two different colors that represent the iconic cheese. The first color is La Dolce Velveeta, a creamy dark yellow that looks identical to the brand’s cheese.┬áThe second color is called Finger Food and it’s a bright, coral/red color.

Both colors smell like cheese. Yup. I like both colors but I have no desire to have my fingernails smelling like cheese. And I’m pretty sure my dogs would be licking my fingers constantly if I used these polishes. According to Delish, the cheese smell is faint, not in your face. Still….cheese scented?! Nooooo.

If you’re interested in buying the two cheese-scented shades, they’re available on Amazon and Nails.INC, for $15. The two colors, along with some cheesy nail stickers, will only be available while supplies last.