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We all know that here in the South, sweet tea rules! Everyone has a restaurant favorite. I know folks that will go to Bojangles just to get their sweet tea. McAllister’s Deli is another favorite in our area. There’s now a sweet tea ice cream just in time for National Iced Tea Day which is June 10.

Creamalicious Ice Cream has teamed up with McAlister’s Deli to release their new Sweet Tea Ice Cream. According to Yahoo, the ice cream is inspired by the restaurants yummy sweet tea. The ice cream has loads of tart lemon swirls and sweet sugar cookies to create the flavor of sweet tea.

Sweet tea fans and ice cream connoisseurs will be able to get their hands on Creamalicious’ Sweet Tea Ice Cream at participating McAlister’s Deli locations beginning June 10th, while supplies last. I think Phil and I need to snag some for a taste-test video!

If you’re looking for Creamalicious, you can find the brand at Walmart, Target, and other retailers. You can also place an order on the Creamalicious website and have flavors delivered right to your house.

In the summer frozen cocktails are perfect after a long day in the sun. I bet you could make a tasty drink with a bit of this ice cream and some bourbon or vodka. Put it in the blender and add a slice of fresh lemon and you have a awesome frozen drink.  It’d be perfect after a day at the beach!