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I’m a huge Halloween fan and Frankenstein has always been my favorite monster, so it’s not a surprise that I’ve always loved “The Munsters”. Every October 1 I change my ringtone to the show’s theme music. The original series ran on TV from 1964-1966, before I was born, but I used to watch the re-runs. Now there’s a movie about the kooky family coming out this fall.

Singer, songwriter, and film maker Rob Zombie is directing the new movie and has released a quick trailer for the film. This is not Zombie’s first film. Both Zombie’s music and film work draws influence from classic horror and suspense films, and they definitely aren’t for everyone. His movie “The Devils Rejects” was so psychologically disturbing that I needed a drink after seeing it! It was wild and violent. That said, he’s a brilliant artist and I’m a fan! I got to meet him a few years ago and he’s such a nice dude! Very down to earth.

According to Deadline, “The Munsters” is a spin on the TV classic, but in color. In the trailer you get to see Herman, Lily and Grandpa Munster. Missing, however, are appearances from “ugly duckling” Marilyn and the werewolfish Eddie. Jeff Daniel Phillips plays Herman Munster, Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie plays Lily Munster, and Dan Roebuck plays Grandpa Munster.

The film will be released in theaters as well as on NBC’s Peacock streaming service. I can’t wait to see it! Although the trailer doesn’t give us a lot, it does look like Zombie is staying true to the 60’s show.  This is Zombie’s first PG rated film, so it’ll be family friendly, which is not a term that usually goes along with Zombie’s work.

Here’s the quick trailer for the film and the original TV show opening so you can see both!