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Most of us would stop and rescue an animal on the side of the road. Although I’m a dog person, if I saw a tiny kitten in distress, I’d stop and rescue it. And that’s exactly what this guy did. He saw a tiny kitten in need of rescuing, so he stopped. Then he realized he was in for way more than he bargained for.

@robertbrantley_ posted a video that has now gone viral. The Louisiana man thought he was saving ONE stranded kitten on the side of the road, but then he met it’s siblings. Brantly stopped and picked up the tiny kitten, and when he did, the siblings came hopping out of the tall grass. It’s like the kittens selected one sibling to be bait, so that all of them could find help. A total of 12 kittens needed help.

According to Daily Dot, a version of the video was reposted by Lauren René Allen on TikTok, where she added the caption, “why don’t things like this ever happen to me”. Her repost has taken the video to a whole other level. It’s now been viewed over 20 million times.

I’ll admit that this may be one of the cutest videos I’ve ever seen. When all the kittens hop through the tall grass and walk up to Brantly, my heart melted. And I love that he says that he can’t rescue all of them, when he KNOWS he’s gonna!

Since Allen’s repost of the kittens went viral on TikTok (and Allen directed people toward the Brantleys), Brantley’s wife Courtney made an account where she’s sharing updates with the kittens. In one video you can see several of the cats laying in a cart next to the Brantley’s dog and one of the kittens being given a bath after a messy breakfast.  Cute!  You can tell that the dog has adopted the kittens as her own.

You can follow the adventures of these cute kittens on the Brantley’s farm here. Take a look at the rescue video below. These cuties totally played this guy and it’s awesome.


God i’ve seen what you’ve done for others. #fyp #kittens (vc: Robert Brantley on Facebook)

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