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We all know that soft drinks are the healthiest, but sometimes you need an ice-cold Coca-Cola. There’s a new TikTok food trend that has a lot of folks expressing opinions online. TikToker Amanda Jones is introducing folks to what she describes as a “healthy alternative” to Coke.

According to the New York Post, Jones’ “healthy Coke” was recommended to her by her Pilates instructor. To achieve this supposed “healthy alternative” you mix balsamic vinegar with any flavored sparking water. Jones claims that it tastes just like Coke.

Her video has snagged millions of views and many commenters think her “heathy hack” is disgusting. As one person noted, “just bc it’s the same color as coke does not mean it’s the same thing.” Another added, “I don’t know whose pilates instructor told them to do this, BUT FIRE THEM.”

I think this may be the next video for Phil and I. We have to try this! Personally, I can’t see balsamic vinegar tasting anything like Coke. Yes, soft drinks have a ton of sugar but sometimes you just have to kickback the original. And I honestly can’t see an ingredient used in salad dressing drinkable.

Would you try this? If you do try it before Phil & I, please call us and let us know how it goes. Here’s the original video below.


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