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Many cities around the country have eliminated the use of plastic bags. Now North Myrtle Beach will soon require businesses to stop using them.

According to WSOC, North Myrtle Beach will soon become the 15th community in South Carolina to require businesses to stop using plastic bags in order to help reduce pollution. Restrictions on single-use plastic bags will be effective starting July 1 within the city of North Myrtle Beach. The city defines a single-use plastic bag as a bag provided by a company or individuals to a customer, typically when they check out.

The city has given a few options for families and businesses who use plastic bags. Options include using paper bags, reusable bags, or no bags at all. Businesses could charge a fee for paper or reusable bags to make up for the cost if needed.

Several businesses in North Myrtle Beach are using paper bags or already offer reusable bags for customers to purchase. A few businesses require their customers to bring their own bags, and some are beginning to add a fee for bags or carryout.

Studies show 13 million tons of plastic makes its way into our oceans and waterways each year. If you’re interested in finding out more details, you can see the restrictions here.