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Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I’m more of a dog person than a cat person, but I must admit that cats are hard core! They aren’t scared of much and they don’t give up. And that is apparent in this video. A coyote tries to attack a kitty and the kitty wasn’t having it.

According to Field and Stream, the encounter took place at a beach house on Surfside Beach in southeast Texas. Tony Gray posted the video on Facebook with the caption, “There was a coyote upstairs on my beach house rear deck,” wrote Gray. “Someone almost lost a cat.”

The video, which appears to have been recorded in the early morning hours of June 9, shows an orange-and-white cat fleeing from a coyote. On the back porch, the cat turns and faces it attacker. The two tussle for a moment before the cat tries to climb the porch railing to escape. But the coyote snags the fleeing cat and pulls it down onto a lawn chair,. Then the two fight some more. Finally the cat gains some separation and bounds atop the railing and up a tall post, out of reach of the coyote.

Luckily for the cat, the coyote went on it’s way. At the end of the video you see the cat hop down. No word on if the cat went home or if it even has an owner. Hoping so!

Coyote attacks are up all around the country, so make sure you’re always with your small animals when they’re outside. The NC Wildlife website gives these tips to deter coyotes:

  • Feed pets inside and keep food waste in secure containers. If you feed pets outside, set specific feeding times and remove the dishes and spilled food afterward.
  • Keep fruit and bird seed off the ground. They can attract coyotes and their rodent prey.
  • Keep cats and small dogs on a leash or harness whenever they are outside.
  • Haze coyotes away from homes and businesses. Examples include waving your arms and shouting forcefully until a coyote leaves, spraying them with a water hose or throwing small rocks in their direction.