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Photo by Diego Fedele/Getty Images

Since Phil and I are big food fans, every year we’ll chat about the newest, craziest fair-foods around the country. This year’s “it” food is Cotton Candy-Wrapped Bacon.

The sweet-meets-savory bite appears to have been first introduced to social media via Instagram user @stalekracker_official in April and it’s now gone viral. Oddly enough, Phil introduced me to this guy’s Instagram page last year.

He’s a good ole boy from Louisiana, who cooks up some tasty down-home food while rockin’ a serious mullet. Most of his dishes are cajun since he’s from Louisiana. He’s definitely a trip!

According to Delish, the treat was made for the Hogs for the Cause fundraising event that took place in early April in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event benefitted local children’s hospitals.

So far a restaurant in Rockford, Illinois has served up the sweet meat treat. And there are state fairs around the country that are adding it to their 2022 fair menus. I think their are many places in and around Charlotte that could take on the task of making this interesting combo. If anyone is up for it, Phil and I will try it for sure!