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Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

If you have a dog or a cat then you have seen how they react to the vacuum cleaner. Some animals are ok with it, some are scared, and some attack. In this case, there’s no vacuum, but there is a lawnmower and a couple’s pet emus do not like it! Welcome to a fun version of “when animals attack”. LOL!

According to Yahoo, Michelle Wilson from Texas posts a series of videos documenting her husband’s trials to mow the lawn. The reason the videos are going viral is because his chore is often interrupted by their pet emus.

One of the couple’s emus named Cosmo really doesn’t like the mower or men. So Wilson’s husband had to come up with a safe way to keep Cosmo away from him when he’s outside.  Toby Wilson tried numerous ways to keep the birds at bay and finally found a solution. A pool noodle.

Toby created a hat with a pool noodle on top to ward off Cosmo when he’s outside doing chores. Apparently once Cosmo became a father, he became even more protective, which spurred random attacks on Toby.

Cosmo’s mate Karen and their baby aren’t as bothered by the lawnmower. That said, Karen is known for being a bit snippy with Toby and often does “sneak attacks”. Luckily for us, Michelle posts hilarious videos of the emu’s on her TikTok page and they’re racking up millions of views. “Noodleman” as Toby is now known as never goes anywhere without his safety noodle.

If you need some laughs, check out the videos here. Too funny!