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I love this story. Not only because I love coffee, but I love reading about something positive. And this little girl is giving me hope for the future! A dad and daughter duo have created a local coffee business and it’s bringing folks big smiles.

According to WCNC, this new coffee truck in town is serving up treats and drinks to help get your day started. The best part about this story is that 7-year-old Charleston Johnson came up with the idea and the name of the dad and daughter coffee truck.

TShane Johnson and his daughter Charleston run Big Guns Coffee together every day from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. They’re located at 13501 Dorman Road in Pineville. Charleston told WCNC that she’s the boss of their business.

Her dad says that she wanted to start a business. He told her that if she came up with the idea, the name, and the logo, then he’d help. 20 minutes later she came back to her dad with a plan.

Charleston says she came up with the name because her dad is strong, and she wanted others to feel strong too. And that’s how Big Guns Coffee was born. Not only are others benefitting from the coffee truck, the dad and daughter team are benefitting too!  They get to spend time together every day.

Even though Charleston is only 7 years old, she’s already learning responsibility, communication skills, problem-solving, and how to save money. The young lady says she’s going to save her money and buy a nice house and that her dad will live in the basement. Love it! The two are building a business and building their relationship.

With all the negative things in the news, it’s awesome to read about these two. You can buy their coffee online if you don’t live close to Pineville. Of course, I’m going to have to buy some!

Good luck to Big Guns Coffee! I wish them lots of success!