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Most teens get jobs or do chores to raise money for fun things like video games. This South Carolina teen is trying to raise money for something far more important. A teenager in Cayce, South Carolina is mowing lawns to raise funds so that his stepdad can adopt him. Cue tears!

Tyce Pender has only known one dad his whole life: his stepfather Eric Jenkins. According to Today, Jenkins has been in the young man’s life since he was a toddler. Jenkins has wanted to adopt Tyce and his older brother Tylee for a long time. Recently, a lawyer offered to work pro bono for the family, but the adoption process still costs thousands of dollars.

Wanting to help, Tyce started a lawn mowing business to raise money to go towards the adoption. He’s been at it a few weeks now and he’s earning money. The teen has cut about 16 yards. Tyce doesn’t have an official price list, preferring to negotiate with customers on a fair fee. Working after school and on weekends has earned him $400.

Jenkins says he and Tyce’s mother will pay for the majority of the costs associated with the adoption, but they are “extremely proud of Tyce” for his initiative. “He’s a good kid,” Jenkins says of the teen. “His heart is in the right place.”

I lived in Columbia, S.C. for about 6 years and since there’s no donation site in order to contribute to help Tyce and his brother get adoption faster, I am going to share his story on my Facebook page. There are lots of folks I know in the Cayce area and I’m hoping some of my friends will hire Tyce. Much luck to this young man! I hope his adoption happens soon!