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Now, I’m really trying not to judge, but this is just crazy to me! I’m not lucky when it comes to love but two marriages and divorces was enough for me. It’s stressful and expensive to get divorced! But one woman thinks it’s worth it…big time! She’s been married and divorced 11 times and is looking for husband number 12!

Monette Dias is a 52 year-old interior designer from Utah and she’s starring on TLC’s “Addicted to Marriage” show. I had no clue that WAS a show, but ok. According to the New York Post, Dias has now been married and divorced 11 times and she’s currently looking for another husband. Or at least she will be soon.

If you’ve watched the show, then you know all the ups and downs of Dias’ marriages. The New York Post article doesn’t give lots of background info. Not needed though. Obviously Dias is like me and picks the wrong dudes or something else is going on. My opinion is just based on what I read, but I’m wondering if she’s not addicted to marriage, but to drama.

I grew up in a house that always contained some turmoil, both my parents have been married 3 times, so as an adult I didn’t feel like things were normal unless there was a certain amount of crazy happening. After my last divorce, I saw a therapist and got past that. I won’t get into it but it’s safe to say my ex-husband was DRAMA! I’ll leave it at that. After I split from him, I realized drama and crazy doesn’t equal happiness.

To go through all the weddings and divorces that Dias has gone through, WHEW! Divorce is expensive and wicked stressful. She’s brave to continue on her search for love. Personally, I’m good. I’m ready to just live in a house with a few of my besties and be the next Golden Girl crew.