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British scientist Sir Godfrey Hounsfield (1919 - 2004), receives the ?25, 000 MacRobert Award from Prince Philip at the Savoy Hotel, London, 25th November 1972. The prize ia awarded annually 'in recognition of the technological innovation contributing most significantly to the prestige and prosperity of the United Kingdom'. Hounsfield's work is in the development of computer assisted tomography (CAT scanning). (Photo by Wesley/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

You have to read this story just based on the title alone right? I was 10 years old in 1964 when the Beatles came to America and changed pop music and my life forever. Their music and the music they influenced, is the reason I’m celebrating my 50th year in radio. I had a “Beatle Wig”, their albums, photo books. I’ve had a passion for their music that’s continued all these years. When they were on the EMI label they printed money and below is just a neat story about how some of it was used.

Everyone knows The Beatles were influential, but just HOW influential? The band even has a place in medical history. Thanks to money earned by The Beatles while on the label, EMI was able to fund the scientist who would go on to invent CT scans! The scientist, Godfrey Hounsfield, would go on to win a Nobel Prize for his work in 1979. I never knew this, did you?

What other surprising ways do you think The Beatles influenced the world?