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Since I’m single, I like to do little things for myself when I can afford it. Last weekend I went to the Gastonia Farmer’s Market and bought a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for only $10! After reading this man’s story, I think I need to start buying lottery tickets. A North Carolina man bought himself a Father’s Day gift and it paid off big time.

According to UPI, John Rogers of Raleigh spent $20 on a scratch-off ticket at the Capital Food Mart on Friday. The 64-year-old’s present to himself was bigger than he expected. He ended up winning a $2 million dollar jackpot. Now THAT is a gift!

Obviously, the man was shocked and is still reeling from the win. Rogers said his plans for his winnings include paying some bills, donating to his church, helping family members and taking his wife on a special vacation. It’s a Father’s Day he won’t forget for sure!