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Scratching Those Mosquito Bites

Are you a mosquito magnet? Since we’re outside more this month we might get bit up, but why? It boils down to saliva and blood. Think of mosquitos as intruders that latches onto your skin that begin sucking your blood. Those suckers leave behind saliva containing proteins that our bodies try to reject. Everyone reacts to mosquito bites differently due to immune system to these proteins. Our bodies will release compounds known as histamines that trigger itchiness, inflammation, and swelling. Even when I know not to itch the bite, I still do which scars and sometimes scabs up. Below are a few remedies that I’ve tried, but to each it’s own. Icing the bite down is them.

Yes, icing can take away some of that itch, but you might soil your clothes. Another option is to use the anti-itch creams, but that’s temporary and you’ll have to keep applying them. Taking antihistamines is another option for speedy relief, but be careful to take the non-drowsy over-the-counter antihistamine. If you’re pregnant please talk to your midwife or doctor to assure your options are safe. This is important if you’re breastfeeding as well. Speaking of kids, it’s hard for them to stop scratching that annoying itch, so just have a nice talk with them. I’ve even heard of using lemon balm, alcohol and toothpaste to put on mosquito bites. That toothpaste thing didn’t work for me, but it was fun trying to eliminate the itch with that one.

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