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Perfume for your ice cream. It’s apparently a thing! Next month Salt & Straw is debuting perfume for your ice cream. The three scents are meant to enhance your ice cream eating experience, or just be worn on their own.

According to Food & Wine, Salt & Straw created the perfume since ice cream really doesn’t have a strong scent because it’s kept in super low temps. The brand’s edible perfume can be sprayed on actual ice cream or it can be worn.

There are three different flavors to enhance your ice cream-eating experience. “A Cloud of Cocoa” smells like the inside of a bakery, with notes of malted milkshake and chocolate. “A Plume of Blooms” combines honeysuckle (love that smell) and jasmine. “A Swoon of Citrus” has citrus flavors with a bit of tartness, with an herbal undertone of an orchard.

I’m up for giving them a try, especially since you can also wear them. If you’re interested, you can get on the waitlist now. The perfumes will launch July 17 in stores. July 17 is ‘National Ice Cream Day’ so it’s the perfect day to introduce the perfumes.