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I realize that everyone is short on time in life and that you do chores when you can. BUT, I think this woman could have waited an hour or so. A woman is being called out as a “Karen” after she appeared to ruin a neighbor’s wedding on purpose.

A video on TikTok has gone viral showing a woman mowing her grass while her neighbor was having her wedding in her backyard. According to Independent, the woman was drowning out the wedding music with lawn equipment just as the wedding started. In the video you see her look over at the event several times, so she had to see that a wedding was taking place. Her neighbor was wearing a wedding dress and there was an altar set up so it’d be hard for her not to see it.

According to the person that shot the video, as soon as the bride’s song came on, the “Karen” purposely started to mow her lawn and yell across the street. The lawn equipment was so loud the guests had a hard time hearing the couple’s vows.

Lots of folks are making comments on the video posted, with most folks on the side of the bride. Some people took the “Karen’s” side saying it’s a free country and she can do yard work when she wants. And I get that point but come on! If I saw an event taking place at my neighbors, I’d wait to do yard work.

Again, I realize we are all busy but I seriously think many folks are starting to lose their niceness. Waiting a few hours or waiting until the next day would not have been the end of the world. Have some decency! Hopefully the reception was rowdy and annoyed the “Karen”.