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After 85 years, KraftHeinz has announced that their beloved Macaroni and Cheese is getting a name change. Don’t fret though. If you or your kids are a fan, nothing is changing about the taste.

The company said all aspects of the brand identity will be updated – the name, the logo, brand colors, typography, photography, iconography, and packaging. But not the taste! According to CBS News, the new name is KraftMac & Cheese. Totally makes sense. I mean, everyone calls it Kraft Mac & Cheese, so the name is just changing to what customers have called it for years.

The new packaging will appear in stores in August and will be seen on social media and the company’s website this summer.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese. Years ago when I was married, I made it almost daily for my step-daughter! When she was young, it was one of the only things she’d eat! It’s definitely a comfort food for some and a stable of many kids’ diets.