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This young lady is a real-life Mary Poppins! A 23-year-old in Florida has come up with a lucrative business. She’s a “theme park nanny” and it’s a smart idea!

Cyan Nardiello is originally from New Jersey. While a senior at the University of Central Florida, she began her business “Once Upon a Nanny”. The business started in 2020 and is going strong. The company offers in-theme park childcare for families visiting the top attractions in Florida and California. If you’re planning a trip to Sea World or Disney, the nannies help parents with their kids.

Nardiello is the CEO and says her “fairy god nannies” charge $40 an hour for their services. The nannies do things like helping parents inside the parks to hotel babysitting. This gives parents the chance to actually enjoy the theme parks, while giving parents the chance to go out to an adult dinner while on vacation.

According to Daily Mail, the business now employs 26 caregivers who all have passes to the popular theme parks. All of the caregivers are CPR certified and have first aid certifications. If a family needs an extra set of hands, the nannies will stay with the family through the park or tourist attraction. And if the adults want to check out some rides that are too much for kids, the nanny will do age-appropriate activities with the kids. Cool idea!

Videos on TikTok and Instagram document Nardiello’s fun life as a “theme park nanny”. Obviously, this young lady has some great ideas and has created a service folks want and need. If you’re planning a vacation to a theme park this summer and have little ones, you may wanna check out the Once Upon a Nanny site. Theme-park vacations are expensive. You should be able to have some adult time while the kids enjoy playing with a nanny.

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