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Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for NYCWFF

I enjoy ketchup as much as anyone. Put it on a burger or dip some fries into it, both are yummy. The ketchup popsicle is where I’m out! French’s has just introduced a new summer popsicle: the ketchup popsicle.

Lucky for us, this is only available in Canada! Ketchup is the most popular condiment there, and the new popsicle is made with 100% Canadian tomatoes, according to Hypebeast. The “Frenchsicle” is described as being “savory” in taste with a bit of “salty sweetness”.  I think they look like Strawberry popsicles.

Now, a frozen Bloody Mary I might be able to handle but just ketchup, nope. I know the Canadians are serious about ketchup because when Lay’s Potato Chips came out with their “Ketchup Chips” they were only available in Canada at first. Some stores in the U.S. may carry them now. I do know you can buy them on Amazon.

Even though you can’t buy the popsicles here, you can make your own! Check out the recipe here. Maybe your kids will like them if they’re ketchup fans!