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We’ve all heard of the ‘salad spinner’, which will help to try out your veggies after you wash them, but I’ve never heard of washing the ingredients for a salad in this manner. A video has gone viral of a woman washing green veggies in her washing machine.

TikToker Ashley Echols has gone viral for loading vegetables into her washing machine for a 55-minute cleaning using the “delicate” cycle. In the video you see her loading the veggies into the machine with the caption, “Wash your greens.”

According to the New York Post, the 11-second clip shows her putting the food into the washing machine, with Echols saying, “It’s just an idea I had.”

Most of the folks that have watched the video have concerns. One of the biggest concerns is that the veggies will be coated with detergent residue. Ugh! One person commented, “My grandma Martha did this and we got food poisoning for WEEKS”.

I’m wondering how the veggies don’t fall apart. After watching the video, I gotta say that the veggies don’t look festive. They look like they’ve been beat up and are honestly, they have! Nothing about this seems like a good idea. And I’m thinking that her next load of laundry with have tiny bits of salad in it!

Eating at this girl’s house could be dangerous. Her friends will be skipping the salad!