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A patron walks into a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts shop May 17, 2004 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

When you think of the Fourth of July, images of flags and fireworks immediately pop into your head. But really, what’s more American than filling up on fried dough? With that in mind, Krispy Kreme has launched a patriotic collection of four new doughnuts for your Independence Day celebrations:

  • “Soaring Firework Heart” – Heart-shaped doughnut filled with strawberries and Kreme, topped with red icing and a sugar star.
  • “Patriotic Cookies & Kreme Heart” – Heart-shaped doughnut filled with cookies & Kreme, dipped in white icing, topped with cookie and icing drizzles.
  • “Stars & Stripes Heart” – Heart-shaped doughnut filled with Kreme and decorated like a flag with a red icing drizzle and a star sprinkle blend.
  • “Star-Spangled Sprinkle” – Original glazed doughnut dipped in blue icing and topped with red and white star sprinkles.

According to Chew Boom, the four new American-themed doughnuts come in a limited edition red, white, and blue box. They’re available at participating Krispy Kreme locations nationwide from June 27th through July 4th. You can see them below.