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Hallmark movies are huge, and we all know someone that will binge watch them, especially around Christmas. The movies are favorites with many, and often the movies’ settings are a quaint, small town. One of the newest Hallmark movies is filming in such a town close to us! Hallmark is now shooting a movie in Salisbury, North Carolina.

According to Southern Living, production of a drama titled To Her With Love began this week. Filming will take place across the city. Filming of the movie will occur inside Salisbury High School, the downtown area, and on Fulton Street. Word is the movie will be shooting through Friday.

Salisbury is known for many things, but mostly for the beloved Southern drink Cheerwine. The soft drink company is currently holding their ‘Uniquely Southern Summer Contest’ and you can score prizes every week, all summer long. A cold Cheerwine really hits the spot on a hot day. And if you enjoy adult cocktails, putting a shot of vodka in some iced Cheerwine is tasty!

The plot of the movie is unknown, but from the title, and from seeing Hallmark movies, I think we can all assume that there will be a complicated relationship as the center of the film.

When I had neck surgery two years ago and was home for three months, my mom stayed with me to take care of me. I think she watched every Hallmark movie available. My second surgery was around Christmas, and she’d grab a glass of red wine and binge watch the movies. She loves them!

If you’re off work today and/or tomorrow and want to take a drive to Salisbury, you might be able to see the filming of the movie. Roads are blocked off in downtown Salisbury, so you’ll be able to figure out where the filming is happening easily.