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Nissan Motors

Nissan has announced the recall of more than 300,000 Pathfinders after discovering their hoods tend to fly open when the vehicles are being driven. The recall involves 322,671 Pathfinders manufactured between 2013 and 2016, according to the automaker. Of those vehicles, only about .44 percent have the hood issue, Nissan reports. “The bell crank assembly lever, which actuates the secondary lock lever, may become stuck, thereby preventing the secondary lock from properly engaging the secondary hood catch,” reads a release from Nissan. “The hood may open without warning while the vehicle is in motion. In such cases, it could obstruct the driver’s forward view and may increase the risk of crash.”

Nissan officials say they’ll start sending out notifications to Pathfinder owners in July with instructions on how to get the issue repaired. If this recall affects you or someone you know, immediate action should be taken.

Remember that scene in Tommy Boy when Tommy (Chris Farley) and Richard (David Spade) were on the road selling brake pads and the hood of their car opened and folded back across the windshield? It was a really funny scene but if it happens for real, there’s nothing funny about it. Have you ever had your hood fly open while you were driving?