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As a kid, I was afraid of two things: Dracula and fireworks. I don’t know why. When I was seven years-old, my dad took me to a haunted house in Charlotte around Halloween. He was carrying me through the house when Dracula popped out in front of us, his arms wide, spreading his cape. I freaked out! I punched him right in the nose and the haunted house had to delay all activities until my dad could take me out. That was the last time I was scared of Dracula!

Fireworks are another story. As an adult I’m not afraid of them, but I don’t like them. And having dogs, the 4th of July is always an issue. Most dogs are afraid of fireworks since they’re so loud. Benadryl has been a lifesaver for my dogs, and if I’m with them, they’re ok. I just stay home on the 4th, turn the TV volume up, and there’s no issues.

For many people, and animals, the 4th of July is a scary time. People with PTSD and sensory issues usually have a big problem with fireworks. And many animals flee their homes if they aren’t kept safe when fireworks start to go off. Fireworks also cause numerous injuries every year, and they can cause wildfires. Drones are replacing fireworks in some areas, and I think it’s cool!

According to WCNC, Drone fireworks use hundreds of tiny, LED-sporting drones. Shapes and words can be created with drone fireworks, like the Statue of Liberty and the U.S. flag. Or the drones can just simulate a fireworks display. The drones are expensive though. A drone can cost around $25,000 compared to small fireworks display that can cost $2,000.

Even though the drones are more expensive, they cause fewer injuries. Every July 5th, we all see at least one headline about someone blowing their fingers or hand off in a fireworks accident. Booze and fireworks always cause a ruckus!

There are some people that dislike the drones because they don’t provide the loud booms that fireworks do, but to me, that’s a total bonus. Even if you aren’t scared of the loud noises’ fireworks cause, they can still be annoying. There’s always someone in every neighborhood that rocks out fireworks way into the early morning hours. And since most of us have to get up for work on July 5th, it can be frustrating.

I’m for the drone fireworks! Less noise and they’re still cool looking! They’re like Christmas lights in the sky!