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This is such a sweet story! Especially right now when we all see so many horror stories about flights and airports. An airline pilot wrote a note to the tooth fairy for a little girl from Lexington, South Carolina after she lost and left her tooth on a plane.

After delays and a rough trip home from vacation, the Larmon family was on their way to baggage claim at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport. It was early, and while walking to grab their bags, six-year-old Lena realized she had left something very important on the plane. The little girl lost a tooth while on the plane and left said tooth in her seat.

According to Southern Living, it was around 2 a.m. and the family tried to go back for the little girl’s tooth. Unfortunately, security was closed and they weren’t able to go back to the plane. Lena was distraught, as any kid would be, because she had nothing to leave for the Tooth Fairy. That’s when United Airlines Captain Josh Duchow stepped in.

Duchow made sure Lena was all good with the Tooth Fairy. He wrote her a note so that the Tooth Fairy would know she really lost a tooth. The note read, “Dear Tooth Fairy, Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville. Please take this note in place of her tooth.”

Lena’s mom shared the note on Facebook, and people love it! According to Lena, the Tooth Fairy got the note, and wrote one back. The note said, ‘Lena, it is OK that you have lost your tooth on the airplane. I will get it. Keep brushing.'”  Love it!

No word on if Lena received a present from the Tooth Fairy, but my guess is yes!