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This story fits under the ‘dumber in the summer’ category. You know you’re TOO drunk at a wedding when you set a wedding centerpiece on fire. When I saw the headline for this video, I immediately thought the culprit was someone in their 20’s. But I was wrong.

In the viral video, you see a man dancing with someone, holding sparklers. The next thing you see is fire! While dancing the guy named Greg or Craig sets a centerpiece on fire. The look on his wife’s face is classic! She immediately looks at him like he’s an idiot. Obviously, she knows he’s been ‘overserved’.

According to MSN, the other guests started yelling and panicking, but the guy seemed unfazed by the fire he started. While the other guests scurried around to put the fire out, the man seemed to continue dancing. Then the guy proves he’s way too drunk by putting his arm into the fire, knocking the centerpiece onto the ground. He then hops onto the fire, putting it out with his feet. While this is all happening, the guy is just smiling, no caring about the ruckus he is causing.

Luckily, the man extinguished the fire, turns to the crowd, and starts dancing again. That’s when his wife ripped him a new one, explaining the scene he caused. Oddly, most folks online think the guy’s wife was out of line. Many people praised the man for putting out the fire, and thought his wife was a bit of a buzzkill. Some people thought he handled it perfectly, not freaking out and continuing to have a good time.

My guess is the wife has seen her husband hammered like this before which is why she got so mad. The wedding reception seemed to bounce right back after the fire, so no harm, no foul. I’m betting this guy had a heck of a headache the next day, and possibly some burns to his arm and feet. No question this guy helped give the happy couple a memorable wedding party!

A guy on Twitter, @ThomasMightSnap, posted the video and you can check it out. If you’re planning a wedding soon, maybe sparklers are a bad call! LOL!