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We all know the housing market is nuts right now, and people are selling homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they’re worth. And people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking price. It’s nuts! But when holding an open house, some rules need to be followed.

A woman on TikTok has posted a video of what she found around her home after having an open house. According to Yahoo, @fortdefiance wishes she had cameras in her home to see what actually went down. Her agent was at the home during the open house but she didn’t see what was going on or she just let some stuff slide.

In the video, the homeowner says she went around her house to turn lights off after the open house, and found some stuff out of place. All three beds had been sat on, slept in, and furniture was moved around in one bedroom.

She found out that someone got in her clean bathtub with dirty shoes on, cause she found foot prints. Someone sat on the sofa for a bit, and she says someone tried to get snacks out of a pantry, because she found the food in a different place than where she left it. WTH?!

Who was checking out her house? Goldilocks and the Three Bears? I hope the folks that checked out her house understand that the furniture and food aren’t included! I totally get looking into closets and cabinets so check out the size, but bouncing around on someone else’s bed?

Hopefully @fortdefiance will sell her home quickly so she doesn’t have to have too many open houses! Luckily, she has a good sense of humor, as you can see in the video below.


I wish we had cameras because I am seriously so curious about what happened in my house during this showing 😂 #realestate #houseshowing

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