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Phil and I both cook and eat lots, so lots of times our discussion off the air will be about food. As a general rule, Phil will go to a grocery store a few times a week. Usually I go after pay day, and make one big trip. I try to plan out meals but sometimes I still end up wasting food, and I hate that! And of course, when you waste food, you’re wasting money. A dietitian has come up with a way to help us save money at the grocery store.

According to Apartment Therapy, registered dietitian and nutritionist Samantha Cochrane has come up with a way to save money by using a clothing term. The idea is centered around the theory of what’s known as a “capsule wardrobe.” A “capsule wardrobe” is a limited collection of clothes that all go together so you can mix and match staples to create lots of different outfits. That way you save money, but have numerous clothes combinations.

Cochrane says the same idea can be applied to food to help you save on groceries. Basically, her idea is to buy versatile ingredients from different food groups so you can make an array of dishes.

Take at the list that Cochrane recommends:

  • Protein – Depending on your diet, this can include eggs, meat, beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Starchy foods – Potatoes are versatile and rice, tortillas, bread and quinoa are also easy to pair with a variety of foods.
  • Veggies – Grab the ones you like and will eat, as well as leafy greens for salads and sandwiches, plus onions and bell peppers to add more flavor to your meals.
  • Fruits – Again, anything you like will work, and buying what’s in season will give you variety all year long.
  • Dairy – Yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and milk are all good sources of calcium and can be used in different dishes.

Honestly, I shop like this lots. I think my problem is that I like to cook and always make too much of something. Sometimes it’s hard to find recipes for just one person. Right now in my fridge I have a huge Greek pasta salad that I made on Monday, and I know I made too much! I need to learn to scale down.

I think this method will work, especially if you enjoy cooking. Food is really pricey right now so I’ve been scaling back on meat. I love a good steak, but right now there are so many yummy veggies available at your local farmer’s market. I’m trying to focus on those for the summer.

For a while I used Hungryroot, which is a subscription service that delivers groceries to you. You can choose grocery items, or have the ingredients for recipes the service picks sent to your home. And the prices are good! You don’t have to have deliveries weekly, I did mine every other week. The food is yummy, healthy, and it broadened my food knowledge. I may have to start back soon!

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