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Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for The Hapalua - Hawaii's Half Marathon

I love this story! As someone that constantly embarrasses herself, I like that this woman has a sense of humor. A mom went viral recently after accidentally mooning everyone at her kid’s school during a parent/kid sports day.

36-year-old Katie Hannaford was at a parents’ sports day race at her children’s school and ended up mooning the crowd. According to LadBible, the mom of two was filmed tripping while running and ended up exposing her bum to a crowd full of children, teachers and other parents. The video went viral quickly, grabbing millions of views.

The mom recently received a trophy for her ‘moon’ from the school. They sent her a ‘Bottoms Up’ award, commending her on her sportsmanship following the incident. Obviously she didn’t mean to fall and moon the crowd.  That said, I love that she has a great sense of humor! When something like this happens, you have to just laugh it off.

Hannaford is very excited about the trophy, and currently has it in her bedroom. The trophy is shaped like her butt and she also received a medal with a peach emoji on it. She didn’t plan on taking part in the parent event, which is why she was wearing a skirt. She was talked into it, so when she fell, everyone got a ‘full moon’.

Katie said the trophy brought a ‘new level of laughter’ when it arrived. People in her town are now recognizing her when she’s out and about because of the video that’s made the rounds online. She says most people are reacting positively to her blunder. I’m uncoordinated too, so I can totally relate.