Yes, I know July 4th was last week, but if you love the holidays it’s never too early to start prepping. Christmas in July is fast approaching and it’s a great time to make plans. We’ve compiled a list of some great ways to celebrate Christmas In July in North Carolina and get ready for the holiday season.

5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas In July In North Carolina

List: The Top 50 Most Christmassy Towns In The US

  • 1. Leavenworth, WA

    Leavenworth Most Christmassy Towns

    Leavenworth, WA tops this list. The Bavarian village is straight out of a Hallmark movie, so it comes as no surprise it’s also known as Christmastown. It features 21 miles of Christmas lights, a reindeer farm here, a Christmas market, annual sledding competitions, and a score of 48 out of 50 for Instagram-worthiness.

  • 2. Mystic, CT

    Mystic Most Christmassy Towns

    Step into Mystic, CT and you’ll see what makes it so special.  Take in the illuminated boats, a lantern light tour, an incredible 38 Christmas tree farms nearby, which translates to the year-round festivity. 

  • 3. Woodstock, VT

    Woodstock Most Christmassy Towns

    Woodstock offers a traditional Christmas.Think wreaths on doors, lights on trees, and snow lots of snow. In fact an average of 67.6 inches of it every year. The 2008 film, Moonlight, and Mistletoe, was filmed there and is home to the family favorite Christmas attractive Billings Farm.

  • 4. Boston, MA

    Boston Most Christmassy Towns

    Coming in at number 4 is Boston. Spending Christmas in Boston will feature red hats, coats, and decorations. There are 35 Christmas tree farms nearby, and 43.8 inches of snow covers the town every year, providing a picturesque Christmas. 

  • 5. New York, NY

    New York City Most Christmassy Towns

    When you think of Christmas vacays many people instantly think of New York. While it lacks the charm of some of the smaller Christmas towns, New York at Christmas time is a must-do for a reason. The Rockefeller Center Tree, the Rockettes, store windows, Central Park, the list could go on forever. Make the trip and it will be one you’ll never forget. 

  • 6. New Hope, PA

    New Hope Most Christmassy Towns

  • 7. East Aurora, CO

    East Aurora Most Christmassy Towns

  • 8. Bethlehem, PA

    Bethlehem Most Christmassy Towns

  • 9. Big Bear Lake, CA

    Big Bear Lake Most Christmassy Towns

  • 10. Vail, CO

    Vail Most Christmassy Towns

  • 11. Nevada City, NV

  • 12. Carmel By The Sea, CA

  • 13. Dahlonega, GA

  • 14. Frankenmuth, MI

  • 15. Ligonier, PA

  • 16. Annapolis, MD

  • 17. Blue Ridge, GA

  • 18. Williamsburg, VA

  • 19. Helen, GA

  • 20. Santa Claus, IN

  • 21. Manchester

  • 22. Ann Arbor, MI

  • 23. Durango, CO

  • 24. Stockbridge, MA

  • 25. Madison, WI

  • 26. Denton, OH

  • 27. Mapleton, UT

  • 28. Branson, MO

  • 29. Franklin, TN

  • 30. Beaufort, SC

  • 31. Alexandria, VA

  • 32. Natchitoches, LA

  • 33. Duluth, GA

  • 34. Park City, UT

  • 35. Marietta, GA

  • 36. McAdenville, NC

  • 37. Bernville, PA

  • 38. Essex, MA

  • 39. Darby, PA

  • 40. Bardstown, KY

  • 41. Nantucket, MA

  • 42. Asheville, NC

  • 43. Andalusia, AL

  • 44. Atchison, KS

  • 45. Stonington, CT

  • 46. Rock Hill, SC

  • 47. Corning, NY

  • 48. Payson, UT

  • 49. Delray Beach, FL

  • 50. Big Spring, TX