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For the first time in years, I took a vacation. Last week I went to the beach with friends and had an amazing time! My mom offered to stay with Kramer and Eddy, so I could totally relax knowing my pups were in good hands. I love my mom (obviously) and I’m so thankful she’s always there for me, but sometimes my mom forgets I’m a grown up.

I called my mom a few times while at the beach and she repeatedly told me to wear sunscreen. Having Lupus, my skin doesn’t always react well in the sun. I used to tan like crazy and I’d get very dark, even with sunscreen on. Now I still tan, but no matter how much I apply sunscreen, I end up with red streaks somewhere. Often times I’ll get a touch of sun poisoning. And that happened last week. I put 30 SPF on multiple times, and still got sun poisoning on my right shoulder. It just happens. I told my mom and she yelled at me about using sunscreen. Then she stopped and said, “I should shut-up cause you’re a 52-year-old adult”. Exactly! Of course, I explained to her I did use sunscreen, and re-applied.

So I come home from the beach, and I notice my mom has “re-arranged” some things and left little notes all over my apartment. In my kitchen I noticed that my olive oil and a few other items I use almost daily to cook were put in a cabinet. My mom left a note that said, “LOOK” on the cabinet where she put my items. I just giggled. Since I live alone, I’m ok with some things left on the counter. I’m quite neat, but my mom was not happy with my set-up.

My dogs were excited to see me, so I plopped down on my bed to kiss them both and a note goes flying up in the air. My mom left a note on my pillows, telling me that I have ‘too many pillows’ on my bed. LOL! I sit up in bed at night watching TV, so I like a lot of pillows. And when I sleep, I need pillows under certain body parts because I have issues. For instance, I need a pillow under my right arm because I have shoulder problems. My mom was not a fan of the pillows.

While unpacking, I noticed my mom left me some type of cooling device. It’s one of those ‘as seen on TV’ items that I’m sure she picked up at TJ Maxx. She loves that store! The device looks like wireless headphones, but you put it around your neck and it cools you off. I’m hot natured, but the cancer meds I take cause me to sweat like crazy. Guessing my mom saw this device on sale and snagged it for me.

Then I open my hall closet where I keep my towels, bags, and the dog’s food. And there’s a note that reads, ‘Yikes! Threw away stuff, gave away extra dog food, and rearranged’. Granted, that closet was a bit of a mess. It’s nice and neat now though.

mom note

During the week my mom also rearranged all the cleaning items under my kitchen sink, rearranged a few things in my room, and cleaned out a small vacuum cleaner. She cracks me up! I totally appreciate all her hard work and I’m guessing she was a bit bored while I was gone. I told her I’m upset that she didn’t bathe my dogs and re-organize all my drawers!

My mom is amazing and I’m so lucky to have her! I think there are days she still sees me as the little girl in the cover picture, wearing a dress with pearls on. Her week here just proves that mom’s never stop ‘momming’ no matter how old you get. Love you mom!

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