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I will go ahead and admit that I speed. Usually, I’ll go 75-80 mph on the interstate and usually I’ll go 10 mph over the posted speed limit in town. I’ve always had a bit of a lead foot. But I need to watch it this week and if you’re a speeder too, you may wanna slow down. In North and South Carolina, law enforcement agencies are cracking down on speeders this week.

According to WCNC, a multi-state campaign called ‘Operation Southern Slow Down,’ is happening this week. There will be a heavier law enforcement presence along roads in York, Lancaster and Chester counties. You can expect to see more police in other areas too. Last week one of my friends in Gastonia got a speeding ticket and yesterday she posted a picture of someone else getting a ticket in the same spot. That means cops are out and about, enforcing speed limits.

Law enforcement agencies in both states say that speed related accidents have gone up recently. And even though I speed, I’ve seen some folks on I 85 fly! Yesterday, as I was driving to work, a guy on a motorcycle was going at least 100 mph. He passed all the traffic and was going in and out of cars. This always makes me nervous. Going that fast is one thing, but then weaving in and out of cars? Scary!

A friend of mine shared a video last week on Facebook of a guy talking about how the left lane on the interstate is for folks with ‘ticket money’. LOL! Despite driving fast in the left lane however, I definitely do not have ‘ticket money’ so I need to slow my butt down!

Drivers in North and South Carolina are being warned by law enforcement not to go over the posted speed limit. So, if you’re like me and drive 30 miles to work and back, be aware of your speed when driving on the interstate and in your town. Ticket money or not, it sucks to get pulled over. And if you get a ticket, your insurance rates will go up and no one wants that. Just a little ‘PSA of the Day’ from Aunty Mel!

South Carolina Ranks One of the Top States with the Worst Drivers

We all know that feeling of yelling at someone for not being able to drive while you’re on the road. Those that ride too close to you, swerve in between lanes, or just fly down at ridiculous speeds. These are the drivers we all try to avoid because we don’t want to end up in an accident due to someone else’s issues. These are the worst drivers on the road that pose a threat to the rest of us.

Car Insurance Comparison does a yearly evaluation to determine which states have the worst drivers out on the road. States that make the list have high rates of fatal car accidents involving speeding, drunk driving, careless driving, and breaking driving laws. They recommend that driver education and advanced technology in these states may help with their statistics. On average, these top ten states have a death rate of 1.34 per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. South Carolina not only made the top 10 but they are also ranked pretty high up on the list. Here are Car Insurance Comparison’s top 10 states with the worst drivers for 2022.