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If you were hoping to check out Crayola IDEAworks before the end of this month, bad news. The exhibit in Camp North End has shut down unexpectedly. According to WCNC, the exhibit, which began in May, officially closed on Tuesday, July 19.

The exhibit was set to run through the end of July, but officials say the extreme heat and issues with the air conditioning caused the exhibit to close early. There were lots of cool events at the exhibit, including creating the world’s largest coloring page. If you go to the Crayola IDEAworks website, a message pops up saying, “Thank you Charlotte. Crayola IDEAworks has closed at Camp North End. Stay tuned for an announcement on our next tour stop.”

Some of my friends went to the exhibit when it first opened and had a great time! Folks that have gone recently though have not been impressed. WCNC spoke with Keivu Knox who visited the exhibit with his family in early July. He says it was not a festive time! He told WCNC, “When we got there it was warm — it was hot probably 90s, close to 100,” Knox said. “Really, really hot.”

Heat was only part of the issue according to many folks that have gone to the exhibit within the last few weeks. Some exhibits weren’t working correctly and there was an issue with staff at the event. Definitely a bummer! If you purchased tickets to go to the event, you’ll be able to get a full refund.

When I was a kid, my mom took us to Brookgreen Gardens in the summer. NOT the best idea with two kids under 10 years old. I was not a fan of the heat, and I’m still not a fan as an adult. The only way I can deal with the heat is if I’m by a pool or at the beach, where there’s a breeze. I’m sure walking around the Crayola IDEAworks exhibit with the air not working properly was not a good time for parents or kids! Maybe the exhibit will come back next year, but in the fall.

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