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This is wild and frightening! A man with limited flying experience made a difficult emergency landing in North Carolina when his plane’s engine shut down over a heavily wooded area in the Great Smoky Mountains. Just watching this video gave me anxiety! I can’t imagine how folks on the highway felt when they saw a plane coming towards them!

Vince Fraser, 31, who has less than 100 hours of flight time, lost power to the engine of his 1967 Aero Commander single-engine plane. He was flying with his father-in-law, on a trip to check out some property they were interested in buying. According to WSPA, after viewing the property, Fraser attempted to return to the airport. And that’s when his plane’s engine lost power. Fraser went through all the steps to try and get the engine working again, but nothing worked. An emergency landing was his only option.

As he scanned for a spot to land the plane, Fraser says he noticed a bridge in the distance and decided to put the aircraft down there. As he got closer to the bridge, he realized it was too narrow, and that there were people standing on the bridge. A landing there wasn’t a good idea.

Fraser spotted a river and had decided to land the plane in the water, when he spotted Highway 19 in Swain County. The interstate was his best option to land, so he began to land the plane. As the plane descended, he flew under power lines and pointed the plane’s nose down to pick up speed so he could avoid cars. Can you imagine driving down the highway and seeing a plane coming towards you? Folks driving had to be freaked out!

Despite having little flying time, Fraser was able to land the plane safely on the highway without injuring anyone. Obviously, a plane on the highway caused people to stop and gather around the aircraft. Emergency services arrived on the scene quickly.

To say Fraser was shaken up is an understatement, but he’s thankful he and his father-in-law are alive. There was a GoPro on the plane, so there’s video of the landing. It’s unsettling to watch. I was biting my lip while watching it. Thank goodness Fraser remained calm and remembered his flight training. His quick thinking kept the plane from crashing and making sure it landed safely.

The video has gone viral and watching it will leave you on the edge of your seat!


A pilot with less than 100 hours of experience was able to land his small plane on a North Carolina highway after his engine failed. He amazingly avoided power lines, trees and the cars driving on four lanes of traffic.📹: Swain County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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