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Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Food Network Magazine

If grilling is your thing and you like to travel, get that resume ready! According to Food Beast the folks at Reynolds Wrap are searching for their first-ever ‘Chief Grillderness Officer.”

As the Chief Grillderness Officer you’ll get to go on quite the adventure. You and a plus one will hit the road in a Reynolds Wrap RV. It’ll be stocked with all the grilling essentials you need, like Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil.
You’ll take the RV across the country and visit iconic state and national parks so you can cook in the great outdoors. And not only do you get to travel and eat, you get a $10,000 ‘salary’ along with a stipend for gas and other additional expenses. Not a bad gig!!
If you’re interested you can apply now by emailing but you must apply by August 4. You also must be 25 or older to enter. When you enter, make sure you tell the folks what your dream camping trip entails, your favorite go-to meal to grill, and why you would be the perfect person to hold the title.
Sadly, I’m out on this. I’m not much of a griller. I love grilled food, but I only do ‘indoor grilling’ since I live in an apartment. But the gig seems cool! Perfect if you love to travel and eat!