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Ever been to Chester, South Carolina? If you have then you have probably heard of Ezell’s Hardware Store. It is South Carolina’s oldest hardware store and it’s still open!

Fox 46 reports that the Chester hardware store is located in the same building, same location since its original opening, and has never closed. Ezell’s has been open since 1886 serving people from both North Carolina and South Carolina. This year, the store will be featured in a PBS documentary. The documentary will discuss the store’s age and originality. The store’s owner, John Barry Wilson, explains to Fox 46 that the fact that the store is still open and running is amazing. Wilson bought the business in 1975. Ezell’s has gone through multiple owners and name changes but still remains open to serving the community.

Wilson tells Fox 46, “I treat everybody the same, everybody gets good treatment, everybody gets good service.” Wilson’s son is next in line to take over the business to continue the tradition. The PBS documentary is set to air on August 12. A special preview will be available on July 28th.

Source: Fox 46