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Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

No one won the Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday, but if I win some loot with the Friday drawing, I’m buying this house! There’s a house for sale in Fayetteville, Georgia that’s shaped like a guitar and it’s awesome!

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom property has a backstory that explains its musical design. According to The Charlotte Observer, the house was designed by country music singer Elvis L. Carden. One of his albums is named ‘Living in an Old Guitar’ and he really did. From an ariel view, you can see the guitar and it’s a trip. Features of the 3,122-square foot home include:

  • Two in-law suites

  • “Industrial style ceilings”

  • Antique fireplace

  • Custom-made vintage windows

  • Skylight

  • Hardwood floors

  • New shower, tile, light fixtures

Looking at the pictures of the inside, it’s got a funky vibe. Although there are a few rooms that need some updating. Folks on the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook page are split on the home, with some loving it and some not a fan. If you’re into music and have $789,000, the house can be yours.