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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of America’s most popular vacation destinations. Millions of folks visit the area for the sun, surf, and nightlife every year. However, one visitor recently surprised the other beachgoers. Maybe startled is a better word.

According to UPI, Michele Robert was collecting sea glass at Myrtle Beach State Park when she saw a large snake in the water. It appeared to be enjoying itself. The serpent would slithered to the edge of the water, get tumbled around a bit, then go back to dry land for a breather before heading back to the water.

As you can imagine, the snake’s seaside sojourn was just a bit unsettling to the humans nearby. Park officials called Russell Cavendar, owner of Snake Chaser, to capture and relocate the animal. Cavendar identified it as a canebrake (timber) rattlesnake, which is highly venomous. He reportedly released the snake in a swampy area of Horry County, South Carolina.

WPDE-TV posted video of the snake frolicking in the surf on Facebook:

Snake at Myrtle Beach State Park

CHECK IT OUT 👀 A rattlesnake was spotted taking a swim at Myrtle Beach State Park. Thanks Michelle Robert for sharing the video!

Posted by WPDE ABC15 on Tuesday, July 26, 2022