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Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

I’m not a nature person. I never have been. I appreciate the beauty, but I like to appreciate it from a distance. This video is one of the reasons why! A woman’s scary encounter with a group of bears is quickly going viral and just watching the video will make your heart race.

TikTok user @crazyace0210 was relaxing by the lake, enjoying the summer day. All of the sudden, she sees a bear. According to Pet Helpful, the woman began making loud noises to try and scare the bear away. That didn’t work. The bear continued walking towards her, so the lake was the best option for her to move away from the bear. She stands in the lake for a few, then gets out. Then she sees more bears! Apparently the first bear was a cub, and the other two bears were the mama and another cub.

All three bears are WAY too close, and then in the video you see the mama bear lunge at the woman. She quickly retreats into the lake. Then the video stops. It’s like a horror movie! Since the video is going viral, the woman is ok and safe. She posted the video to her TikTok page earlier this week with the caption, ‘I’m lucky to be alive.’ And truth told, she is!

Watching this video not only made my heart race, it made my palms all sweaty! This encounter was frightening. Never, ever would I want to be this close to a mama bear and her cubs. So far the video has snagged over 4 million views. Nature is scary y’all! Just seeing this is a great reminder of why I like to stay INSIDE! And people wonder why I don’t want to go hiking or camping. OY!