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Art is subjective. Its definition depends on the person. That said, I think most of us can agree that this ‘art’ is a bit much. An Australian artist is selling a McDonald’s pickle for over $6,000 and I don’t get it.

Australian artist Matthew Griffin has his artwork on display at an Auckland gallery. His art is a single McDonald’s pickle on a white roof. The name of the piece is named ‘Pickle’ (thoughtful name) and it’s selling for $6,277.

According to the New York Post, the piece is on display until July 30. Am I the only one that isn’t getting this? I remember going to McDonald’s as a kid and one of my brothers tossed a pickle on the wall to see if it would stick. I think lots of kids did this at some point. So know a pickle tossed on something is art? Ummm….gotta go with no on this one.

There are many people that think the artist’s work is genius, while others (myself included) think it’s ridiculous. There will be someone with way too much money that will buy this for the set price and those of us who are just trying to pay bills won’t get it.

Despite the craziness of this ‘art’ piece, if it’s in someone’s house it’ll definitely start a conversation, that’s for sure. If I want ‘pickle art’ I’ll throw one on my apartment wall and just go with that. I surely wouldn’t pay thousands!