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‘National Chicken Wing Day’ was Friday and if you missed it, don’t worry. Applebee’s has you covered. The chain restaurant has teamed up with a makeup company to create wing-sauce flavored lip glosses and I’m not sure why.

According to Food and Wine, Applebee’s and makeup company Winky Lux have collaborated to create Saucy Gloss. The wing-flavored lip glosses come in in four shades and flavors that are supposed to taste like Applebee’s wing sauces.

The four shades and flavors are:

  • “Get Me Hot Buffalo” – a creamy coral shade.
  • “Sweet Chile Kiss” – which is a gold-flecked deep red.
  • “Be My Honey Pepper” – a golden gloss.
  • And “Honey BBQ-T” – that’s a smoky burgundy color.

Not sure I’d want lip gloss that tastes like wing sauce. Wouldn’t you just lick it off? And wouldn’t it just make you hungry all the time? Personally, I don’t need help in that department!

If you’re a fan of Applebee’s wings, or chicken wings in general, you may wanna try em. Each gloss retails for $18, but if you can’t decide on a flavor, Winky Lux sells a four-piece combo kit for $65. I think I’d rather have $65 worth of wings! That said, I do like the colors!


6 Tips For Transitioning Your Makeup From Summer to Fall

As the weather begins to get colder, there are some crucial switch-ups from your summer makeup routine. Try these six fall makeup tips to ensure your glam stays all day and night long.

  • 1. Moisturize

    Make sure your moisturizing routine is on point! As the weather begins to change, the cooler air makes most skin types become drier than in the hotter months. Moisturizing is key for your makeup to last longer under your foundation and also to protect your skin when removing makeup later on in the day. Check out this video from YouTuber Susan Yara below for some products to use:



  • 2. SPF

    You might be stashing your SPF away as we go into the Fall/Winter months but you should actually do the exact opposite. Sun rays are just as harmful in the Fall/Winter months as they are in the Spring/Summer (even if you don’t physically see it). Be sure to apply SPF before your foundation or use foundation products that give you an ample amount of SPF to protect your skin. Check out this video from YouTuber Robert Welsh on picking out SPFs for your skin:


  • 3. Foxy Bold Liner

    Bold eyeliners are back! A sleek bold eyeliner look is perfect for Fall. Step up the look with a pair of lashes or volumizing mascara for a  complete look. Check out this video from YouTuber ByJeannine on a foxy bold liner:

  • 4. Lip Gloss to Matte Lipstick

    Ditch your lipgloss and pick up the matte lipstick this fall. A berry, brown or muted red is a perfect matte lip color for this season. Check out 10 shades of drugstore brands from YouTuber Amber V Cruz for your go-to lipstick this fall:

  • 5. Blush over Bronzer

    Replicate flushed cheeks with blush and get rid of the bronzy tanner this fall. A perfect way to find out your perfect shade is to go by your undertone. Check out YouTubers Julia Adams and Andrea Renee on finding the perfect blushes to match your skintone:

  • 6. Natural to Smokey Eyes

    Change up your eye look this fall with a smokey eye. Tap into your neutral browns and rusty shades for your going-out or date night look. Check out this smokin’ eye tutorial from YouTuber iluvsarahii.