While some may just enjoy playing Monopoly and Uno for game night, others like to take it a step further. When you are 21 years old and older, drinking games can take game night to the next level. Especially during the summer, pool parties, cookouts, and game nights add a drinking game to make it even more fun. It is the perfect mix of fun and alcohol all in one.

Solitaire Bliss is reporting the best drinking game in some of America’s major cities. Can you guess Charlotte’s most popular drinking game? It’s been a good summer, but we think it is about to get a little better. Using Google search data, they went through more than 3,000 phrases to determine the most popular drinking games. Keywords such as “yard pong” and “beer table” were used to help determine the top drinking games. From Circle of Death to Flip Cup to Drunk Jenga are taking over game nights more and more.

Well, which one won for Charlotte? Solitaire Bliss reports that King’s Cup is Charlotte’s most popular drinking game. Ever played?Ā Other cities that also enjoy King’s Cup just as much as Charlotte include Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis, San Diego, and St. Louis.

How to Play

King’s Cup is a drinking game using playing cards. When the first 3 Kings are drawn by players they will each put some of their drink into a cup in the center. When the fourth King is drawn, that person will, unfortunately, have to drink whatever is in that center, King Cup. Although there are generic “rules” to the game there are also different rules for different cities. So, be careful when someone pulls cards out and asks to play King’s Cup! There are also new decks specifically for King’s Cup, so looks like you have plenty of options for the next game night.

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