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Everyone makes mistakes, but in the world of rock-and-roll, this is a big one. Amazon used a picture of a different band to promote their Prime video documentary Rock n’ Roll Icon: Motley Crue. 

Motley Crue still brings in a crowd when they play live, which is evident by the recent ticket sales for the Stadium Tour, which they’re a part of. We gave away tickets to the tour before it hit Charlotte, and people were all about those tickets!

If you grew up in the 80’s, then you know Motley Crue. The band became well known for their look and their music, having sold 100 million albums worldwide. They also became well known for their wild antics on and off stage, and for their overindulgence. Booze, drugs, and women became problems for the band as their success grew.

According to Loudwire, Amazon is using what appears to be a promo picture of the band Steel Panther to promote their Motley Crue documentary. What makes this such a ruckus, outside of the fact that it’s the wrong band, is that Steel Panther is famous for their hair-metal act, inspired by the hair metal acts of the 80’s. Steel Panther didn’t form until the early 2000’s.

Oddly enough, Motley Crue have never been fans of Steel Panther’s parody act, which makes this screw up even funnier! To quote Homer Simpson, ‘DOH!’ Steel Panther singer Michael Starr shared a video that someone took of the faux pas, and you can see it below.

Not only did Amazon use the wrong photo, if you look closely, you can see an actual picture of Motley Crue at the top of the Steel Panther pic. Hello?! You had one job Amazon! My guess is the person in charge of the graphics isn’t familiar with either band. I just checked and it looks like the pic is still being used at Amazon. I’m sure that’ll change now that so many sites have called out their mess up!