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Photo by Trevor Bexon/Getty Images

Good to see that ‘Dumber in the Summer’ happens in countries all over the world! A Russian man found out that warnings are on things for a reason after he lit a cigarette while pumping gas. I think we can all guess what happened next!

Yup. The man set the fuel on fire. And not only did he catch the gas on fire, he spread the flames around when he jerked the nozzle out of his car. His car and parts of the gas station were on fire, and he pulled his flaming vehicle away. Probably a smart idea. There’s a good chance the car would have blown up!

According to the Daily Mail, after he got his car out of the way, the man rushed back to the pump and grabbed a fire extinguisher to put the rest of the fire out. I’m not sure if this gets it but fire+fuel=fire. (Cue Metallica’s ‘Fuel’ song)

The whole ordeal was caught on CCTV, and the video is going viral. By the looks of it, the guy is ok, although I’m sure he has some burns. Since I don’t know the guy, I can’t say this for sure, but I think he’ll wait next time before lighting up while pumping gas. As we say in the South, ‘Bless.’