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Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

I’m not sure why, but this video kept my attention. A woman is gaining tons of views on a video she posted of herself, in a laundry basket, on a treadmill, that goes into a pool. The woman is in a tiny laundry basket and she ups the speed of the treadmill each time she rides on it.

When I first watched the video, I wondered why she had a helmet on. I mean, pool water doesn’t hurt. But after watching for a few seconds, I got it. When she continues to increase her speed, the helmet makes sense. It cracks me up that she holds her nose while entering the water. LOL!

This video is good for a giggle and for whatever reason, I wanted to see what happened each time she increased the speed of the treadmill. Honestly, I didn’t think the laundry basket would do what it did as the speed was increased. See for yourself. And if you have a pool, a treadmill, a helmet and a laundry basket and do this yourself, I’m going to need video please.