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Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

This will sound mean, and I guess it is, but some people are just dumb. I’m not a wildlife expert but I don’t think this is what you’re supposed to do when you encounter a bear. A video has people talking, and for good reason. Recently some hiker’s ran into a large black bear and their reaction is going viral.

A group of hikers was walking through Tennessee’s Trillium Gap Trail in the Smoky Mountains when a large black bear appeared in front of them. The video of the groups bear encounter is going viral because of the way they reacted.

According to Pet Helpful, @barrett80‘s clip on TikTok has tons of views because the group did an odd thing when they saw the bear. The bear was directly in front of them on a trail. When they saw the bear, they stopped and took pictures and video. You can hear one of the male hikers say, “They can run up to 30 mph”.  You then hear another hiker say, “Well, the hangover’s gone”.

While the group was standing there, making comments and taking pictures, the bear is walking towards them. Now I know you aren’t supposed to run or panic, but it seems like you’d want to make noise to try and scare the bear and begin backing away. These folks just stood there, taking pictures like the bear was a statue or something. What gets me is when the bear begins to walk away from the group, they turn their back on the huge animal and chit chat like they’re at a bar. HELLO?! It’s a WILD ANIMAL people! You cannot predict how it will react.

Again, running isn’t advised, but I also don’t think you’re supposed to hang out and have a conversation. People online are having a blast making comments about this group’s reaction to the bear. And I gotta say that the comments are hilarious.

This is why I stay indoors. Ain’t nobody got time for this! Luckily for this group, no one was injured. Hiking and camping are overrated in my book! LOL!