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I lived in South Carolina for a few years and did morning radio in Columbia for about six years. Every year on-air we’d go through some of the things on the tax-free weekend list. It was wild to see some of the stuff on the ‘eligible’ and ‘not eligible’ list.

Over the years, I think the list has become a bit narrowed down. I know at one point, in the early 2000’s, mink coats were on the tax-free ‘eligible’ list. Looking at the list on WCNC, wedding gowns and veils are on the ‘eligible’ this year but eye-glasses and contacts aren’t. That doesn’t make sense to me.

If you plan on shopping for stuff this weekend, you’ll definitely want to check both lists out, and they’re both long. WCNC has the ‘eligible’ and ‘not eligible’ list here.